• Torrington spring coiling machines in sizes from W10 - W125

  • Torrington torsion machines

  • Itaya CNC wire forming machines

  • Crush and down feed grinders.

  • Compression and extension springs in .006-.207 wire diameter; Outside diameters up to 3.75

  • Torsion springs in .008-.112 wire diameter

  • Constant force and power springs


  • Neilson and Baird fourslides ranging in size from 00 to F3

  • Wire forms up to 1/4 wire diameter

  • Flat forms up to 2.5 wide

 Punch Press

  • Aida and Perkins presses, up to 90 tons


  • Bench master presses

  • Assembly (i.e.. Spot and butt welding; Swedging; Riveting; etc.)

  • Hand spring winders for prototyping

  • Kick presses

  • Custom built machinery

 Tool Room

  • Onsite tool room which produces our Class A tooling.


  • Computerized and electronic spring testers

  • Torsion spring testers

  • Optical comparators

  • Rockwell hardness tester

  • Calibration standards

 Shipping / Packaging

  • Special packaging (i.e.. Bagging of individual parts; etc.)

  • Weekly deliveries of quantities available

  • Local deliveries via our truck