Foremost specializes in springs.  Since 1968 we've been producing compression, extension, torsion, power,  belleville, wave, and curved springs.

We also do stampings.  We have punch presses and four-slides, which allow us to make large quantities of made to order parts.  


Foremost has not only the capabilities to produce springs and stampings, but to also assemble whole products for our customers.

Forrest's original design

These 'Bur Blocks' were designed here at Foremost by it's owner, Forrest Gardner, who holds the current patents on them. They are sold world wide on the dental market to help dentists and oral hygienists keep a clean and sterile environment.  Not only are they a convenient storage container for power dental tool bits but they can be used in sterilizers without any damage to the box itself.

A new prototype that may make it to the market.